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4 best commercial property blog posts of 2019

December 24, 2019
Categories: Commercial, Investments

For commercial property investors, there was a lot to talk about in 2019. Here were the best commercial property blog posts of the year.

We could talk about property all day. Fine, we do talk about property all day. Which is why publishing commercial property blog posts on the Properties & Pathways website and sharing insights is not just a large function of our business, it is one of the most satisfying.

We published over 60,000 words this year, from posts on commercial property tips for first-timers to detailed market updates for experts.

Here were our most popular commercial property blog posts of 2019, as voted by our readers:

1. 5 unique economic indicators for commercial property investors

Economic indicators for property investment

There’s no crystal ball in commercial property investment. So, us professionals look at the signs. Economic indicators are everywhere and most are well-known to those in the industry. Thinking outside the box is where we excel, so we provided 5 unique economic indicators for commercial property investors. Read here.

2. 40% gross return in 5 months: How our latest investment delivered

industrial building in valleyWe stay away from bragging. And instead, we focus on proving investors what commercial property investment can achieve for them. In 2019, we proved there’s a whole lot. Our favourite result was negotiating the lease extension with CAT Energy Power Systems, which piled an additional 40% gross return for our investors in just five months. Read more here.

3. Want to invest in residential property? Read this first

Residential property investment versus commercial property investment.

The real estate investment debate is a long and tiresome one: Residential or Commercial? We know what we prefer, and that’s a balanced investment portfolio. But if you’re someone to put all their eggs in one basket, or who likes putting their funds on the well-trodden path of residential property investment, here is one of our favourite commercial property blog posts for you. Read more here.

4. How retirees can replace franking credits income

How retirees can replace franking credits income.

Remember how Labor planned to scrap franking credits income? And we all feared it would happen because, frankly (pun unintended), we all thought Labor would win the 2019 Federal Election? It could have been disastrous for many retirees to lose a major source of income. But we dodged a bullet and neither fear eventuated. It’s still nice to know there are replacements for franking credits income. Read more here.

We’re excited to continue sharing our knowledge and market insights into 2020 with plenty more commercial property blog posts. With many rumblings in the market and a field of investment opportunities in sight, it promises to be an exciting year for commercial property investors.

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