About Us

Side by side with our investors

Our investment into each commercial property breeds absolute transparency at every turn. This anchors our ongoing commitment to every investment and investor.

A handpicked team of industry experts

Integrity before investment has always been our culture. Building the best team is and always will be our best investment strategy.

Why choose Properties & Pathways?

Properties & Pathways is a specialist in commercial property investment. We carry out extensive due diligence before every property purchase, provide hands-on management of the asset and deliver the best result possible for our investors when the property is ready to be sold.

We invest alongside you

A significant share in each investment means we assume the same risks, rewards, and returns as our investors. This means every decision, from day-to-day maintenance to major finance or divestment, is completely transparent.

Over 90% of investors from completed syndicates have reinvested alongside us. We are in it together and consistently meet our commitment to our fellow investors.

We offer exclusive investments

With over 60 years’ experience in commercial property investment, we have developed an enormous professional network throughout Australia. This allows us to have first preference in off market property opportunities and access exclusive listings across the country.

As an investor with Properties & Pathways, our relationships, experience, and selected investments are your benefit.

We research and plan against risk

Using our in-house advisers and professional network, we conduct an extremely robust due diligence investigation on every property. With the future always in mind, we pride ourselves on ensuring our assets remain relevant and stand the test of time. We don't only share the rewards with you, but the risk as well.

Properties & Pathways holds an AFS Licence and all of our audited projects meet ASIC standards and compliance requirements.

We minimise costs to maximise return

Properties & Pathways offers a set and forget investment. The few fees we charge are based on the merits of the property, which ensures we provide you with the best performing investment possible.

We communicate ongoing updates on your investment, ensuring peace of mind and simplicity while you enjoy your investment alongside us.

"I have invested in five of Properties & Pathways syndications so far and categorically state that I am delighted with every aspect of my investments."

P. Goodall

"We have been successfully participating in a number of syndicates with Property & Pathways since 2015. The team is an experienced & committed group of property professionals with a strong focus on maximising investor return."

P. Burford

"My wife and I have been investing with Properties & Pathways since 2010. We have been impressed with their diligent and attentive service as a company."

T. Berryman