Secure and lucrative investment opportunities

Commercial property is one of the most lucrative forms of investment in Australia. Averaging returns of nearly 11% pa since 2010, Australian commercial real estate refers to properties used for business activities, as well as multi-tenanted residential complexes. Office premises, industrial property, large format retail centres, medical clinics, hotels and apartment buildings all fall into this category.

JLL has recently rated Australia as having the second most transparent real estate market in the world, with its availability and quality of information a great reason for investing. But there are even more benefits of investing in commercial property:

  • Lease agreements will carry far longer terms than residential investment properties. A long lease carries the promise of continued rental income and financial stability;
  • Yields are lucrative and generally for outweigh financing costs, which produce a cash flow positive environment;
  • Tenants are less volatile and may often improve the value of a property if based on covenant, reputability and ability to meet financial obligations;
  • Value-add opportunities can be sourced with knowledge and experience. Signage, increased exposure, renovations, car parking, accessibility and improvements can add substantial value to an investment;
  • The tenant of a net lease will pay all outgoings of the property. This creates a hassle-free investment and avoids income erosion from regular costs of ownership.

Typically, individuals may not have the funds to take part in commercial assets of a substantial price bracket. Or those with the means to invest may not have the time or patience to do so. This is where commercial property syndicates in Australia have grown massively in popularity.

Participating in commercial property through a syndicate is a secure and transparent investment. As an Australian commercial property syndicator, we comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements of our AFS license, and each of our projects meet ASIC’s strict standards.

To find out how both sophisticated and first-time investors are building lasting wealth investing alongside us, get in touch today. We take an interest in every investment and share our expertise and rewards with each investor.