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Discovery Capital Partners works with high-growth companies in Australia, offering access to capital markets and specialist investment banking advice.
Discover Capital is your partner in corporate finance, providing a range of services including access to capital markets, strategic corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, strategic business development and investor relations. 


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Level 1, 3 Ord Street, West Perth WA 6005



Capital Markets

Discovery Capital Partners develops both short- and long-term financing strategies for both private and public companies in Australia. Whether Initial Public Offerings (IPO), share buy-backs, or capital restructuring, Discovery leverages an extensive network of financial institutions, private equity, venture capital, family office and HNW investors to create robust equity capital market outcomes.

Corporate Strategic Advisory

Working with company Board of Directors, Discovery Capital offers all spans of advice on both private and public transactions, including business development, capital markets, finance sourcing, financial modelling, corporate messaging and positioning, and roadshow and conference planning.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Working with clients on both the sale and buy side of mergers and acquisition scenarios, Discovery Capital tailors every transaction to align with a clients’ exit strategy or acquisition strategy.

Strategic Business Development & Investor Relations

Discover Capital works with a range of Australian businesses to refresh, rebrand and relaunch into relevant capital markets.

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For general enquiries, please contact Discovery Capital Partners in West Perth WA.

Discovery Capital Partners, Level 1, 3 Ord Street, West Perth WA

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