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Classroom of Hope: Our new partnership

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It could be our most important property investment yet.

The asset is on an approx. 500 sqm lot and major works have been needed to have it operational – inclusive of drinking water sanitation and solar power (as there’s no access to electricity).

Located in a rural area, the property is – unfortunately – incredibly unique. It has no similar buildings nearby, no amenity and almost no vehicle access. The region is far from prosperous and in fact would be considered ‘poverty stricken’; consistent with the rest of Cambodia.

Our tenants are 324 children, ranging from six to 12 years old, and 10 teachers. The return is education over at least the next 20 years for thousands of underprivileged children.

This is Ou Sralao school located in Battamband Province, Western Cambodia. Our investment is a donation to help fund its recent construction.

Our Investment: Ou Sralao School in Battamband Province, Western Cambodia.

As a result, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with non-profit organisation Classroom of Hope after our managing director Cal Doggett handed over a cheque to the Perth-based charity for $10,000 last week.

Representatives for Classroom of Hope, Steve Archibald and Ben Stokes, visited our offices to receive the donation and to paint a picture of how the injection of funds will revive the welfare of these children.

Classroom of Hope and Properties & Pathways

Classroom of Hope ambassadors Steve Archibald and Ben Stokes with our Managing Director Cal Doggett.

The large size of the donation has meant we were able to spread our contribution over two schools in education-poor Cambodia.

The first school, Ou Sralao, is a new building with four fully furnished classrooms, which will serve 177 boys and 147 girls for the current school year. The original building was made of wood and was deteriorating fast, with termites in the walls and hardly any protection from extreme and harsh weather conditions. It posed a great risk to the safety of the children.






The construction emphasises the importance of education to the whole community and motivates the children to complete their primary education, a crucial determiner of their future wellbeing.

Classroom of Hope is a non-profit organisation that builds schools, creates child-friendly schools and funds scholarships.

The second project, Keo Pich Primary School located near Siem Reap, Cambodia, will be completed in March 2019. Construction costs will total AU$80,000 and this target was impressively achieved thanks to local Perth business leaders.

For this project, Classroom of Hope are joining forces with locally-based Child’s Dream Foundation to build a high-quality school, drinking water sanitation systems and solar power facilities.

The local community will ‘buy into’ this project through a nominal financial contribution going towards the project’s site works (land clearing and slab). They will then contribute labour towards the project.

Once completed, the Cambodian Government is committed to paying the salaries of the school’s teachers, with the school hosting 150 to 200 students annually.

Our donation was helped by many of the kind investors from our recent Pathway Eleven Syndicate and is a large part of many donations to Classroom of Hope from Perth businesses.

The reason for our involvement is simple, and stems from one of Properties & Pathways’ mantras: you get the most out of life when you help others get the most out of life.

We are delighted to help our investors achieve their financial goals through robust commercial property investments in Australia. Growth-on-growth is the strategy we like to abide by, and this approach has now extended to those who are much less fortunate than us.

Properties & Pathways would like to thank our Pathway Eleven investors who jumped on board this brilliant initiative. The hundreds of students which will benefit in these two struggling regions will surely be even more grateful for the generosity.

For more information on Classroom of Hope, please visit To discuss this project and how you too can get involved in future initiatives, contact Steve Archibald on 0421 152 590 or