Investing alongside you in Australian commercial property

At Properties & Pathways, we are committed to delivering Australia's best property investment services, to ensure high returns and a set and forget experience for our investors. We believe in what we do, which is why we've invest alongside our investors in every syndicate.

Asset Acquisition & Strategy

We believe there is no shortcut on due diligence. As part of our complete property investment services, we undertake a thorough due diligence investigation before every property acquisition. This includes examining all functions of the property, from tenancies, lease options, financials, building integrity, and property history.

Asset Management

Properties & Pathways manages your commercial property investment from acquisition to sale. All management decisions are made to maintain and grow the value of each property for your benefit. We take care of the day-to-day management of your investment and even maintain a substantial ‘reserve fund’ to shield investors from unexpected events, like tenant vacancies and economic downturns.

Asset Sales

Every asset sale is completed with our investors in mind. This is where our property investment services outperforms the competition. We will only divest an asset if we feel the time is right and the benefit to our investors is maximised. In the unlikely event an investor wants to exit their investment, Properties & Pathways first offers their units to existing investors and subsequently to investors on our waiting list, ensuring our remaining syndicate members are unimpacted.

Accounting & Trust Management

Each investment is purchased and operated as a separate trust with Properties & Pathways acting as the corporate trustee. This is the most tax-effective structure in Australia because it minimises land tax liability. We comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements of our AFS Licence, including using an external accountant who completes an audit and compiles all tax return information for investors at the end of each financial year.