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Pathway Fifteen: Our Latest Commercial Property Investment

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Our first investment since COVID-19 could be our best opportunity yet. We’ve homed in on an asset we’re proud to stand behind, with a secure return and ‘COVID-proof’ tenants. Learn more about it and find out how you can invest alongside us below.

Our latest commercial real estate investment opportunity is now open. 

Check out a snapshot of our brilliant Pathway Fifteen Unit Trust below or follow this link to download the Information Memorandum (IM)

Key takeaways 

  • 6.30% p.a. NET Investor Return
  • Over 72% of income independently guaranteed
  • ‘COVID-proof’ tenants (all essential services)
  • Significant value-add potential
  • Expected IRR of 10.00%

We’ve worked to understand the current investment environment. We’re aware things aren’t the same after COVID-19. And we’ve listened to our investors. 

Our investors have told us that in this environment they want an investment with two characteristics: Capital Protection and Capital Growth. And these are exactly what our latest investment opportunity provides. 

The property 

The asset is multi-tenanted and stands on a two-hectare corner site. The secondary-grade industrial facility has been incredibly maintained since construction in 1990 and has direct apparel to the secondary leasing marketing in Laverton North. 

The property has over 288m of street frontage with dual accessibility. 

The location

Victoria is overcoming its second wave of coronavirus cases. But even during the height of the state’s pandemic, many businesses and industries exceeded their pre-coronavirus success. This has only created more opportunities for savvy commercial property investors. And this is why we’re taking advantage of Melbourne. 

To learn more about how Melbourne has become the epicentre of brilliant commercial property investment opportunities, download our FREE white paper

Laverton North is a particularly exciting precinct, and is the location for industrial assets in Melbourne. 

The tenants

As investors in unprecedented times, we want security and certainty. So, we’ve found a property whose tenants provide these two comforts in abundance. 

We have three ASX-listed and national tenants occupying the property. These businesses are all in essential services, and if you’ve read this blog post, you’ll understand why essential services makes investments like this one ‘COVID-proof’.

These secure tenants all paid the previous landlord full rent and maintained normal trading during COVID-19. 

Want to participate? 

Head to our Pathway Fifteen Unit Trust landing page to learn more about the investment:

  1. Download the Information Memorandum (IM)
  2. Book a meeting with our Manager of Investor Relations Guy Doggett 
  3. Follow the instructions to apply for units in Pathway Fifteen Unit Trust

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