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Need Strong Cash Flow in 2020?

Properties & Pathways is proud to invite you to invest alongside us in our latest structured commercial property syndicate. Pathway Twelve Unit Trust offers a high-yielding, secure and long-term income stream for investors underpinned by government tenants and ASX 20 subsidiaries.

Pathway Twelve Unit Trust is a managed investment acquiring three commercial properties in one line for robust annual investor returns, coupled with strong potential capital upside. Each property was identified based on their countercyclical location, core property fundamentals and value-add potential from strategic leasing and asset management.

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Why invest in Pathway Twelve Unit Trust?

We invest alongside you

We partner with our investors in each investment. This creates trust and transparency at every turn. We communicate all major decisions with you and ensure your passive investment is as secure as possible. It's why we've maintained an 88% reinvestment rate in all completed syndicates.


Over 95%-leased investment with rental platform underpinned by national tenants, including Centrelink (Federal Government), subsidiary of ASX 20 Wesfarmers, Workwear and Dodd & Dodd Group (owner of renowned Ross’s Auctions). Substantial reserve fund raised ($1.45mil) up front to cater for potential vacancy, tenant incentives and leasing downtime.

Robust investor return

Forecasted 5-year average cash distribution of 8.00% (after all costs, fees, charges, etc. and before factoring any potential capital appreciation of any/all assets).


Diversified opportunity with three properties, in two sectors, and with seven rental income streams across two Australian states (WA & QLD).

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Find out how to invest with certainty, in a government-tenanted commercial property investment.

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Pathway Twelve Unit Trust - Learn More