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South Australian Commercial Property Investment

Need an investment you can trust? More Australians are taking part in South Australian commercial property because it can be a safe, secure and stable investment.

Commercial property in SA is a smart investment for many Australians. Adelaide is a fast-moving city with rapid population growth, rising business confidence, and an influx of capital from smart property investors. Commercial real estate in Adelaide also offers consistent returns and secure income for many investors. If you’re an investor looking for stable cash flow and potential for robust capital growth, commercial real estate investment in Adelaide may be the right investment for you.

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Why investors choose commercial property investment in Adelaide

Monthly distributions

Want a stable income from your SA commercial property investment? We know cash flow is important to investors, which is why we offer monthly distributions. This ensures security and stability, particularly for those investors in or nearing retirement.

SMSF Property Investment

Retirees have a tougher time earning a regular income. This is why many turn to SMSF property investment in South Australia. It can provide a safe investment environment, tax obligations and better returns than regulated super funds.

Trust & Transparency

At Properties & Pathways, we act with transparency, integrity and care. We communicate regularly with our investors, so they can stay up to date with their investment, whether it be in Adelaide or elsewhere in South Australia. This transparency is why we have an 88% reinvestment rate on completed syndicates.

Invest alongside experts

If you’re new to investing or want a set and forget investment, consider investing alongside professionals in a commercial property syndicate. We’ve invested in every syndicate since 2012, because we believe in what we do.

Invest alongside us

We invest side by side with our investors, because we believe in what we do. This creates transparency and trust, and allows us to exceed our investors’ expectations.

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