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WA Commercial Property Investment

At Properties & Pathways, we are always on the lookout for countercyclical property markets. We find they offer opportunities with the most potential for value-add and growth. In our 60 years’ combined commercial property investment experience, we have found some of the best countercyclical opportunities in Perth and surrounding WA precincts.

Perth is a great location for robust commercial property investment opportunities. Western Australia’s renewed economic charge after COVID-19 has meant a significant amount of capital is pouring into the state. Commercial real estate in WA has become hot property for investors, with business confidence rising, pandemic restrictions lifting, and interest rates remaining and historic lows.

WA commercial property investments with reliable long-term income are available to those who know where to look. Particularly for WA-based investors like us.

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Why WA investors choose commercial property investment with us

Income certainty

The advantage for WA investors using a WA-based commercial property investor can be reduced risk and higher potential for strong returns.

Significant capital growth

Our commercial property syndicates have provided WA investors with returns between 5% and 10%, and many completed syndicates have provided strong capital growth.


JLL has labelled Australia as the second most transparent property market in the world. WA investors tell us they want a secure investment and we believe commercial property in a structured syndicate is where they can find it.

Invest alongside experts

We invest alongside our WA investors because we believe in what we do. Commercial property syndicates can provide investors more security while still offering robust returns - particularly when investing with professionals who have skin in the game.

Invest alongside us

Properties & Pathways was founded in Perth in 2012. Since then we have invested alongside our WA investors in every commercial property syndicate. We believe in trust and transparency, and we absolutely believe in what we do.

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