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NSW & Sydney Commercial Property Investment

With robust yields and long-term, stable income, commercial property has become a very popular investment for New South Wales investors.

Commercial property investment can be one of the most lucrative investments in Australia. Sydney investors tell us they love the transparency it offers (Australia has been ranked the second most transparent property market in the world) and the exclusive opportunities – for those who know where to look.

New South Wales has long been a hub for successful commercial property investment. Investors can find great investment opportunities, whether it be premium office property investment in the Sydney CBD or Large Format Retail assets in regional precincts. And that’s where we can help.

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Why New South Wales investors choose commercial property investment

SMSF Property Investment

Another reason investors look to Properties & Pathways for a syndicated investment is because we offer SMSF property investment. This is important for those nearing or already in retirement, as much less investment gains are eroded by tax obligations when investing in a self-managed super fund.

Significant capital growth

While many choose commercial property as a passive investment, commercial property can offer robust capital gains to those who know how to add value. From our experience, this can be as much as 40% growth on investment.

Trust & Transparency

Australia has been labelled the second most transparent property market in the world. Investors tell us they want a secure investment and we believe commercial property in a structured syndicate is where they can find it.

Invest alongside experts

Want to invest alongside professionals with skin in the game? We invest alongside our investors because we believe in what we do. Commercial property syndicates can provide more security while still offering robust returns.

Invest alongside us

Since 2012, we have invested alongside our NSW & Sydney investors in every Properties & Pathways commercial property syndicate. This creates transparency and trust, and allows us to exceed our investors' expectations. We are experts in New South Wales's commercial property market, with access to off market opportunities and the industry's best in Sydney and surrounding NSW precincts. The NSW market is land-scarce, meaning property values continue to rise due to the lack of supply. Whether or not you're an investor in Sydney or greater NSW, ask us how you can capitalise on commercial property investment today.

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