Invest alongside us in quality retail property opportunities

Investment in Australian retail premises has historically provided excellent opportunities for investors. It is a commonly understood commercial asset class to invest in, particularly for those who recognise tenant requirements and the environment in which they operate.

Our strategy is simple but effective and hinges on:

  • Fundamentally well-located property with great exposure, accessibility and convenience.
  • Locating premises requiring improved signage and exposure for tenants.
  • Ensuring quality location. This is crucial in large format retail investments, as customers must be provided with convenient access to the store.
  • Awareness of neighbouring retailers, which can act to further entice customers to visit the area.

Since our inception, we have maintained a portfolio composed largely of bulky goods stores. This has embedded us into the fabric of this large market segment and enables us to recognise precise tenant requirements. As a result, we have achieved 100% occupancy across all of our syndicates.

Properties & Pathways is a member of the Large Format Retail Association (LFRA) and we carry strong networks through the retail sector. Despite the retail industry’s threats and changing environment, we have maintained strong yields by leveraging our network to acquire quality tenants (as well as our combined 60 years of investment experience) to add substantial value.

We provide regular updates on our retail tenants’ performance and outlook on their particular market segments. Keeping an eye on industry headwinds and news mitigates considerable risk associated with investing in traditional retail premises and keeps our investors abreast of the changing environment.

For more information on investing alongside us in quality retail property opportunities, get in touch with Properties & Pathways.