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Top 10 commercial property articles of 2020

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In an unprecedented year, there was plenty to talk about for us commercial property experts. To put the year in a nutshell, we’ve collated our top 10 commercial property articles of 2020.

Sometimes we consider ourselves a real estate publication as much as a real estate firm. At Properties & Pathways, we love our property news and enjoy even more passing on exclusive information to property pundits, and educating those who are new to the property game. 

So, to wind up the year, we’ve racked up our top 10 commercial property articles since January which give both a snapshot of the industry’s year and brainfood for those who are investing for the first time. We hope you enjoy our top 10 blog posts of 2020. 

#10 What makes the best countercyclical investment?

best countercyclical investment

To start our top ten, we answer a question we often get from investors: What makes the best countercyclical investment? 

Countercyclical investments have plenty of superb benefits for those who know what to look for. In fact, it’s a mainstay strategy of ours: Buy when the market is at the bottom or on its way up. The result of a well-purchased countercyclical investment? Well, see for yourself. 

Read more here.

#9 How a long-term capital growth strategy can secure your retirement

long term capital growth for retirement

Commercial property isn’t about quick wins or overnight success. Time in the market usually trumps timing the market. And that’s especially the case when you’re an investor wanting not just cash flow, but capital growth. 

A smart long-term capital growth strategy can secure your retirement and the financial security of your kids (and even grandkids). 

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#8 Why the future of Large Format Retail could be industrial

Exciting things are happening in certain large format retail precincts. Some big box stores are gentrifying from retail into industrial premises. 

It makes sense when you think about it: The huge floor plates, the underused car parks, the high ceilings, and the docking stations for large vehicles and trucks. 

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#7 Why Melbourne is the epicentre of great commercial property opportunities

Melbourne is a hotspot, not just for property investment, but for Australia’s artisans, sporting fanatics, and socialites. Since COVID-19 hit the major city for a second time, many investors turned their heads from the investment capital in search of ‘safer’ acquisitions – or sitting on the sidelines completely. 

Unfortunately for them, they missed out on incredible opportunities in a city we’ve termed the epicentre of great commercial property investment. 

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#6 What is core plus real estate?

core plus real estate

There are plenty of terms to get your head around if you’re new to property investing. Core and Core Plus are two you might hear the experts mention. But what does Core Plus mean? And what is Core vs Core Plus in real estate?

Find out here.

#5 QLD property 2021: Outlook for commercial real estate investors

QLD’s commercial property market outlook for 2021 is quite positive amidst unprecedented uncertainty. The ecosystem in Brisbane has changed since the pandemic, but opportunities for investment are more prevalent than ever. Investors just need to know where to look – and what to look for. 

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#4 What we learnt from our biggest property syndicate

Selling out a $24.8 million commercial property syndicate at the height of COVID-19 was a big ask. But that’s exactly what we did. 

Here are the biggest lessons we learnt from our largest property syndicate.

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#3 5 reasons industrial real estate is the most resilient commercial property sector (JLL)

Haven’t considered industrial property investment? Well then, you’re one of few commercial property investors not looking at the most resilient sector in commercial real estate. 

Industrial real estate is hot property. Somewhat cheaper to run than retail or office premises, industrial property is proving to not only be ‘no fuss’ but no stress in the face of COVID-19. JLL even awarded industrial real estate the most resilient property sector in Australia. 

Here’s why.

#2 Is commercial property still a good investment in 2020?

commercial property due diligence

When the pandemic hit our shores, many investors were sweating it. Those who hadn’t experienced sudden shocks to the economy were looking for certainty amidst uncertainty, answers to their prayers, solutions to their investment problems. 

Many asked us, Is commercial property still a good investment in 2020? 

Our answer? Find out here. 

(Spoiler: It absolutely was). 

#1 What is a good return on a commercial property?

what's a good commercial property return

Dum-dum-dum! The most popular blog post we published this year was income-related (surprise, surprise!).

Having invested in and divested from more commercial assets over the years than we’d care to count, we know a good return on a commercial property when we see one. (And so do our investors.) 

It’s crucial to understand your future income from day one, and ensure that cash flow is well above financing costs, plus forecasted operating and capital expenses (in other words, cash flow-positive).

Beyond cash flow, many new commercial property investors forget that capital growth is a very real prospect when acquiring a commercial asset. Understanding how much capital gain to expect on your initial investment is another story, but our experience shows us the capital growth percentage is typically in the double-digits for a commercial property. 

Want to know what a good return is on a commercial property investment? Read our #1 most popular blog post of 2020 here. 

It’s been another wonderful year curating the Properties & Pathways blog, and we look forward to kickstarting our publication again in 2021. Haven’t subscribed to our industry-leading commercial property news and views? Subscribe today!